Why Does Doctor Randy Davis Believe in the Power of Comedy?

As the NCAA tournament comes to a close for another year, we couldn’t help but mention Jimmy Valvano. Jimmy Valvano was the coach of the 1983 Championship NC State team that stunned the world and upset a Houston team that was significantly favored. However, sadly,  Jimmy Valvano died of cancer in 1993, but he would change the world with his ESPY speech on living a quality life.

He noted three things in the speech that people should do every day to live a full life: According to the well-loved coach, they should laugh, cry, and spend time deep in thought every day. If you have never seen the speech, we recommend you check it out when you have a second, and be sure to have a box of tissues with you as it might get dusty in the air all of a sudden.

How Does Laughter Contribute to Better Health?


For the purposes of this post, we will discuss the first thing for a second. Doctor Randy Davis is a recognized expert in orthopaedics, and he recently devoted some time to contribute a video to RXLaughter.org. If you have never heard of RXLaughter.org, it is a public charity that uses comedy to help patients cope with serious medical conditions. Doctor Randy Davis contributed a few of his own jokes to help those in need. If you wish to volunteer for this great cause, you can learn more at www.RXLaughter.org

Comedy and laughter, in general, is great for overall health for a number of different reasons. It helps the body relax, boosts the immune system, can increase blood flow, and triggers the release of endorphins that, in addition to making someone feel better, can temporarily help relieve pain. If you are looking for ways to improve your day-to-day life, it might be a good idea to consider Coach Valvano’s words and try to get some more comedy in your life.

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